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7Sci_Ch 3,Sec 4

Understanding Weather - Chapter 3, Section 4

What is the purpose of isobars? To connect points of equal air pressure on a weather map
Images of weather systems on television come from Weather Satellites
Which information can you get from a weather map? The locations of cold fronts
A windstock does not Measure wind speed
Isobars indicate Air pressure
What collects weather related data from the upper atmosphere? Psychrometer
What tool measures air pressure? Barometer
Wind speed can be measured with a Anemometer
Three occupations that weather forcasts are essential: Farmers, Airplane pilots, and Space scientists
Why would water not be a good fluid to use in a thermometer? It expands when it freezes
What advantage do weather satellites have over ground-based? Satellites gather information from much higher points then ground-based can.
Why are there so many station models used to gather weather data in the U.S.? Because the country is so large and the atmosphere is always changing.
What measures air pressure? Barometer
What measures wind speed? Anemometer
What measures the direction of wind? Windsock
What locates precipitation? Radar
What measures air temperature? Thermometer
What tracks the location, movement, and amount of precipitation? Radar
Created by: ndmsteach