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7Sci_Ch 3,Sec 1

Understanding Weather - Chapter 3, Section 1

How does runoff affect the water cycle? It carries water from precipitation into oceans
What happens when air reaches it's dew point? Relative humidity is 100%
What weather is caused by nimbostratus clouds? rainy weather
How does sleet differ from snow? It starts as rain then freezes in the air
Which describes an altocumulus cloud? Puffy mid-level cloud
How is hail created? It is sent up into clouds many times
What increases air's ability to hold water vapor? Increase in tempurature
What part of the water cycle do clouds form? In condensation
What is a cloud made of? Water droplets
What is a puffy cloud in the middle altitude called? Altocumulus
What cloud may go from a low to high altitude? Cumulonimbus
What cloud is layered and made of ice crystals? Cirrostratus
What clouds are puffy and white and indicate fair weather? Cumulus
When people use coasters for glasses, the coaster prevents what from damaging a table Condensation
Fog is a type of Cloud
A psychrometer measures Relative humidity
The most common precipitation is Rain
Precipitation that is made of balls of ice is called Hail
Precipitation that freezes as it falls is Sleet
Water vapor that changes to a solid is snow
What atmospheric conditions would most likely produce an ice storm? Temperature in the clouds would be above freezing.
Why does fog disappear during the day? rising temperatures cause this
Amount of water vapor in the air Humidity
The process in which liquids turn into vapor Evaperation
Area of high pressure where air moves apart and sinks Anticyclone
The temperature at which air must cool to be saturated Dew point
Process when water vapor turns to liquid condensation
What measuring tool has two thermometers Psychrometer
Amount of moisture in the air Humidity
Percentage that shows how much water vapor is in the air Relative humidity
Moisture in the air Water vapor
The temperature at which air is saturated Dew point
A cloud that forms near the ground fog
A cloud that brings a thunderstorm Cumulonimbus
A puffy white cloud with a flat bottom Cumulus
Clouds that cover a large area Stratus
What type of environment not likely to form? The area must have the relative humidity of 100%
How much moisture can air hold at 20 degrees Celcius? 18 g/m
Created by: ndmsteach