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5th gr microworlds

review for test

algae a group of simple plants that live in water or damp areas
binary fission the process by which a cell divides into two parts
Blepharisma a single-celled, pear shaped microorganism that is often found in pond water
cannibal an animal that eats its own kind
colony a population of one species of organism living in a particular place
convex curved or rounded on the outside, like a ball
coverslip a piece of glass or clear plastic that is placed over the specimen on a microscope slide
experiment a procedure that is carried out to investigate a scientific question
focus to adjust the position of a lens in order to make a clear image
lens a piece of curved glass or other clear material that bends light rays
magnifier a tool that makes something appear larger than it is
microbe a tiny organism that can only be seen under a microscope
microscopic anything too small to be seen without a microscope
reproduce to produce new organisms of the same species
specimen a sample that is used to represent an entire group
transparent clear, able to let light through undistorted
Vinegar Eel a roundworm that has a transparent body and can be seen without a microscope
Volvox a member of a group of microorganisms known as green algae; they live in colonies
well slide a microscope slide with a shallow dent, used to hold thick specimens
wet-mount slide two microscope slides, or a slide with a coverslip, with a drop of liquid between them
must be transparent, convex, and can be liquid or solid What are the properties of magnifiers?
examples: microscope, eyeglasses, telescope, hand lens, binoculars Name a tool that is a magnifier.
I see Volvox. Under the microscope I see a green ball. What microbe do I see?
I see Vinegar Eels. Under the microscope I see a clear worm that moves very fast. What do I see?
I see a Blepharisma. Under the microscope I see what looks like a black bug running across the slide. What do I see?
parts of a microscope are: eyepiece, body, slips, stage, mirror, knob to move mirror Know the parts of a microscope.
Created by: cariherbst