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Latin I Unit IB-4

Unit IB Task IV Verba

adiuvō, adiuvāre to help
errō, errāre to wander
observō, observāre to watch
portō, portāre to carry
purgō, pūrgāre to clean
revocō, revocāre to recall
salutō, salūtāre to greet
spectō, spectāre to watch, look at
respondeō, respondēre to reply
timeō, timēre to fear, be afraid
arripiō, arripere to grab hold of, snatch
consulō, cōnsulere to consult
coquō, coquere to cook
ducō, ducere to lead, take
excipiō, excipere to welcome
inquō, inquere to say
petō, petere to look for, seek
repellō, repellere to drive off
reprehendō, reprehendere to blame, scold
surgō, surgere to get up, rise
tradō, tradere to hand over
adveniō, advenīre to reach, arrive (at)
redeō, redīre to return
veniō, venīre to come
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