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Mishna Terms 5

פטור Pa'tur "one who performs this is NOT liable" he doesn't get the Biblical Penalty. 'Bdiavad' however it is still forbidden to perform this act on the Sabbath. In such an instance, the prohibition is Rabbinic
אסור A'sur It is forbidden The prohibition is Rabbinic in origin and was instituted as a safeguard against [the performance of] labor.
מותר Mu'tar It is permissible Meaning one may perform this act 'Lchatchila'
לכתחלה L'chatchila To begin with To go ahead and do something.
בדיעבד B'di'avad If it was already done / after the fact It shouldn't have been done but it was already done, Now what?
כשר Ka'sher It's Fit, OK, The way it should be. It's ok to use: Food might be Kosher to eat. A Mezuza can be Kosher for the Mitzvah. A Person May be Kosher to Testify
פסול Pa'sul Unfit The opposite of Kasher. (except when talking about food. food that is unfit would be referred to as Traif)
לא Lo 'No'-'Don't' Should not, May Not. for example לא תרצח means: Don't murder.
איו Ain 'There isn't' 'We should not' We don't.... No....('No Parking')(No Exit)
חייב khayav "one who performs this is liable" within the context of the Sabbath laws, the intent is that he is liable for karet, or the death penalty If he performs such an activity without being aware, a sin offering.
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