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Security/Sanitation inspections will include facility perimeters, inmate living areas, food service areas, inmate activity areas such as dayrooms, dining areas, recreational areas, and classroom areas.
The Director of Corrections or his designee and designated department heads or area supervisors will conduct a formal safety and security inspection of each facility, to include an informal observation of the living and working conditions at least weekly
The Division Chief of each facility or his designee will visit and inspect all inmate living and activity areas at least once a week in order to provide inmates with an informal means of access to key staff members.
Watch Lieutenants will ensure all inmate housing areas including all unoccupied areas of the facility are inspected for security, safety and sanitation at least once each watch.
Watch Lieutenants will conduct safety/security rounds and sanitation inspections of different areas of the facility daily.
The Division Chief or designee will conduct inspections for compliance with applicable Sheriff's Office Written Directives and Florida State Statutes. bi-annually
An annual inspection will be conducted by Florida Sheriff's Association-Certified Jail Inspectors.
The Security Lieutenant at each facility will coordinate the annual fire/safety inspections to include hazardous areas and review of fire/evacuation plans by the fire marshal.
WHAT IS C.A.R.E. Citizen Active Response Effort
Discrepancies concerning intercoms, control panels, video cameras etc will be documented on an Intradepartment Correspondence (P-004) and referred to the maintenance section.
who will conduct an Inspection and review of the facility's operations and programs at least bi-annually, and will maintain a record. The Director of the Department of Corrections, or designee
An assessment of the facility operations and programs will be included in the review to ensure compliance with Sheriff Office Written Directives and Florida State Statutes.
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