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Merengue Dominican
Salsa Cuban
Reggaeton Puerto Rican
Samba Brazillian
Salsa Claves
Reggaeton Drum Machine
Salsa Rueda de Casino
Merengue Perico Ripiao
Merengue Accordion
Samba Pele Telefone
Samba Favelas
Reggaeton Oye Mi Canto
3 types of Merengue merengue tipico merengue de orquestra merengue de guitarra
3 cultures that make up today's Dominican Republican and which style represents fusion german, african, taino; merengue
importance of favelas and tias baianas favelas- shanty towns tias baianas- femal descendents of african slaves samba originated
birthplace of samba baia
Who is trujillo dictator of dominican republic
what style did trujillo contribute to the popularization of and how merengue to glorify him (merengue tipico)
an event in cuba indirectly facilitated the spread of this style to the US. identify style and event War in Cuba with Fidel Castro. Gave Cubans who opposed him to be sentenced to death or exiled to the US Salsa
marquensina open garages where reggaeton was first recorded because it was banned due to explicit (sexual) content
how do reggaeton artists get around censorship double meanings to make it subliminal (double entendre)
Son Dancing Salsa
common cultural influences do all four styles share and why African slave trade
who created zumba, where is he from, and what dance is associated with this country Alberto "Beto" Perez; Columbia; Cumbia
whats is the proper placement of estrossa and why behind you because it works the triceps
in salsa what count is the break away step on step 1 break away from center
what is the difference between African samba steps and Brazilian samba steps closed stance for African (pushing sand away with toes; open stance for Brazilian (shake hips when opening legs)
Created by: pinoybidd3