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Vocab Terms

tall thin tower attached to a mosque Minaret
Region where you find Poland Eastern Europe
refuse to purchase or use Boycott
Mountain range along Adriatic Sea in the Balkan Peninsula Dinaric Alps
Seasonal shift in the winds of Asia Monsoon
Region where you find Ireland Western Europe
Islamic place of worship Mosque
Fish farming Aqua culture
Region in Asia where you find Iraq South West
Plain in Western Hungary Pustza
Indo-European language Hindu
Springs that shoot steam and heated water into the air Geysers
Belief that the souls of human beings go through a series of births, deaths, and rebirths Reincarnation
Physical features that determine where the rain will fall in South Asia Mountains
Level, narrow ledge built into a hillside for farming Terrace
People are born into a particular group with a distinct rank in society Caste System
Person whose teachings are believed to be inspired by God Prophet
Country that seperates two political enemies Buffer State
Region in Asia where you find India South
A plain that is rich and fertile along a riverbank Alluvial Plain
Region in Asia where you find Japan East
Large desert in North Africa Sahara Desert
Related to earthquakes Seismic
Pilgrimage to Mecca Hajj
Large landmass Subcontinent
River that is the lifeline of Eastern Europe Danube River
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