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Cubangbang #136658

Cubangbang Science 8 Last Unit Test Stack #136658

Chapter 15: (blank)
Rocks are not useful for anything other than building materials FALSE
Sedimentary rocks form the majority of exposed rocks on the earth’s surface TRUE
When people talk about “natural concrete,” they mean conglomerate TRUE
The permeability of siltstone is nearly as good as that of sandstone because the two have nearly the same porosities FALSE
The reason few human (and land vertebrate) fossils exist is probably that these organisms were able to avoid being buried during the initial stages of the Flood by fleeing the rising waters TRUE
There is no scientific evidence in the fossil record to show that humans have evolved from apelike creatures TRUE
The geologic column could be a record of the stages of the pre-Flood ,Flood ,and post-Flood rock formation at a given location TRUE
According to evolutionists, fish appeared during the Mesozoic era TRUE
The first use of natural gas as a fuel occurred in the 1700’s FALSE
Magma that flows out onto the earth’s surface without losing dissolved gases can produce frothy, sponge-like rocks TRUE
Mafic rocks contain relatively little silica TRUE
Gneiss means “easily split” FALSE
The most common foliated metamorphic rocks are slate, schist, and gneiss TRUE
Chapter 16 (blank)
Mountains on other planets and moons are called mountains because their discoverers think they are more mountain than hill TRUE
Because of the volcano Mauna Kea, the island Hawaii has the greatest relief of any place on Earth FALSE
Mount Ararat is a depositional mountain TRUE
Rocks can bend slightly if a large, unopposed force is applied continuously over a long period of time TRUE
Since rocks will fracture or crumble if a strong enough compressive force is applied, whether opposed or not opposed, massive overthrusts are probably impossible TRUE
The land surrounding the San Andreas Fault in California is a good example of fault-block mountains FALSE
Where uniformitarian geologists claim significant overthrusting of older rocks over younger has occurred, such as at Chief Mountain in Mountana and the Matterhorn in Switzerland, the old and young strata in contact do not show any evidence of having been TRUE
According to creationary scientists, mountains were formed during or shortly after the Flood and are now just wearing away FALSE
Creationists should not depend on a theory such as uniformitarian plate tectonics to explain the features on the earth today TRUE
Chapter 17 (blank)
The height of the zigs and zags on a seismogram tells us how much energy is in the earthquake that produced them TRUE
A magnitude 5 earthquake on the Richter scale has 999 times as much energy as a magnitude 3 earthquake TRUE
Iran was the location of the deadliest earthquake in history FALSE
The most destructive waves produced by an earthquake are the L waves TRUE
Faults can exist only where tectonic plates meet FALSE
The use of lasers and satellites to map the movements of tectonic plates enables seismologists to reliably predict when an earthquake will occur FALSE
Volcanoes form from vent pipes connected directly to the molten mantle rocks FALSE
Historically, pyroclastic flows and lahars have caused more deaths than flowing lava from volcanic eruptions TRUE
The MMI scale rates the destructiveness of a volcano FALSE
Volcanoes are not found in the middle of oceanic or continental plates. They are found only along the edges of plates where they collide with other plates FALSE
Heated groundwater transfers geothermal energy mainly by conduction FALSE
Geysers occur because of the shape and constrictions in the path of heated groundwater to the surface TRUE
More geothermal energy sources could be developed if energy companies would accept the risks and explore for suitable locations to build plants TRUE
Chapter 18 (blank)
Chemical weathering can result in both a change of composition and a change in shape TRUE
In general, a lack of talus at the base of a rock cliff indicates that the rock is resistant to mechanical weathering TRUE
God preserved the original, very good soils for our use today FALSE
Deserts are vast areas of hot sand dunes where nothing living can survive FALSE
Soils can form relatively quickly(in a matter of months or a few years) TRUE
Rock glaciers occur only in the tropics where it is too warm for true glaciers to exist FALSE
Just like the pressure gradient we discussed in Chapter 11, the stream gradient represents a change in something compared to horizontal distance over ground TRUE
Chapter 19 (blank)
Landmasses completely surround each ocean FALSE
Although echo sounding can tell us a great deal about the bottom of the ocean, we still need to send people down to observe in order to study the bottom completely TRUE
Every continent is bounded by a continental shelf with a continental slope containing submarine canyons FALSE
The central lagoons of atolls are often the flooded centers of meteorite craters FALSE
The abyssal plains are the deepest parts of any ocean FALSE
We can assume that due to the dissolving of large quantities of minerals during the worldwide Flood, the only aquatic organisms to survive the yearlong catastrophe at that time would be called saltwater organisms today TRUE
Manganese nodules are the major source of manganese and other rare minerals for the United States today FALSE
Marine snow occurs only in late winter in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres FALSE
Unusual tides include “tidal waves” FALSE
If wave steepness exceeds 1/7, the wave will collapse as a breaking wave TRUE
Deep-sea currents are usually in the opposite direction from surface currents FALSE
Good deep-sea fishing is often found where the continental shelf ends and the continental slope begins because of the upwelling of nutrients TRUE
Trieste, Alvin, and Challenger are the three most famous bathyscaphs FALSE
Chapter 20 (blank)
It is expected that with global warming the increase of precipitation will cause most of the world’s glaciers to advance FALSE
When two or more mountain glaciers flow together, the result is a valley glacier FALSE
The world’s largest icecap is located in Antartica FALSE
If a military submarine couod go no deeper than 400 m, it would be relatively safe traveling submerged through a field of large icebergs FALSE
Boulders transported by glaciers are called erratics because they are not like the underlying bedrock in the location where the glacier dropped them TRUE
Streamlined, unstratified glacial deposits that often occur clusters are called drumlins TRUE
Scientists have shown that varves deposited annually in lakes are useful for determining the age of sediments FALSE
Noah and his sons probably had to learn to farm during short, cool summers TRUE
Chapter 21 (blank)
The majority of the world’s liquid fresh water is in lakes, streams, and rivers FALSE
Fresh water that does not flow to the sea or is not immediately evaporated back into the atmosphere is lost to the hydrologic cycle FALSE
The water table must intersect that land surface in order for a spring to exist TRUE
Even so-called impermeable rock can be highly porous TRUE
A recharge zone is an area that replenishes groundwater TRUE
One of the reasons water is such a good solvent is that pure water4 is naturally acidic FAKSE
According to a creationary model of cave formation, only the deepest caves in limestone strata could have survived the Flood FALSE
Speleothem refers to any type of cave formation consisting of calcite or another mineral deposited by dripping or flowing waterTRUE (blank)
Geologists have proven using carbon-14 dating methods that stalactites required thousands of years to form FALSE
The name karst topography comes from a plateau in Slovenia that has many cave, sinkholes, natural bridges, and streamless valleys TRUE
Created by: jcubangbang