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roots 136-250


meteor high
milli thousandth
mob move
moll soft
monger seller
mont mountain
money condition
mot move
multi many
mund world
myria many
nano billionth
narco sleep
nav ship
nesia island
nounce tell
nuc center
ob against
olio few,small
oma tumor
oo egg
ophthal eye
opia sight
orb circle
oscu mouth
ose sugar
osis condition
oss bone
ovi egg
par equal
para beside
parl speak
patho feeling
peri near, around
phag eat
phan appearance
phasia speech
phen appearance
phor carry
phos light
phyll leaf
phylo kind
phyte plant
pico trillionth
pithec ape
plasm form
pleo more
pneumo lung
pod foot
pos put
pot drink
potent power
pro forward
protero early
pter wing
pulse drive
quadr four
quasi somewhat
quin five
radi ray
rat think
reg rule
rhiz root
rhodo rose
rogat ask
rub red
sapro rotten
sat enough
saur lizard
schizo divide
sect cut
sen cut
sen seven
sept seven
sequ follow
sess sit
sine without
sis condition
socio society
sol alone
sol sun
solv loosen
som body
somn sleep
soror sister
spor seed
sta stop
strat layer
struct build
surg rise
tachy quick
taxis arrangement
terra land
tox poison
trich hair
troph nourishment
tropo turn
tude state of
und wave
vac empty
val worth
vas vessel
vect carry
ven come
ventri belly
vermi worm
via road
vice in place of
vol will
vore eating
xeno stranger
xylo wood
zygo yoke
zym ferment
Created by: marianne447