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Science Final Foo!

studiz the scienz

In 440 B.C He was the first to have the theory of uncutable particles called atoms. Who is he? Democritus
Around 384-322 B.C He denied Democritus' theory. Who is He? Aristotle
He created the atomic theory. 1700's. Who is he? John Dalton
1897. he makes the Cthode ray tube and predicts there are small particles inside atoms. Who is He? J.J Thomson
1909. he created the "shooting gallery experiment" and the first model for the atom. Who is He? Ernest Rutherford
1913. He predicted electrons jukped between levels. Who is he? Niels Bohr
The Modern Theory of The Atom? Electron clouds, paths of electrons cannot be predicted.
Whats an Atom? Is the smallest particle which an element is formed and divided.
Who is the "father" of the periodic table? Mendeleev
The Periodic Law? Elements are periodec according to their chemical #'s
Whats chemical bonding? The joining of atoms to form new substances
This is the Horizontal ROW on theperiodic table period
This is the vertical column on the periodic table group
What is an ionic bond? When oppositly charged ions bond
Whats a chemical reaction? When one or more substances undergo change.
Whats the law of conservation of mass? Mass can never be created or destroyed
What is a synthesis reaction? when 2 elements form 1
Decomposition reaction? When 1 element breaks to 2
Exothermic? energy goes out
Endothermic? Energy goes in
what year was sputnik1 launched? 1957
Created by: bmstudy