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ambulat walks
cenat dines
festinat hurries
intrat enters
laborat works
sed but
et and
subito suddenly
narrat tells
iuvat helps
laudat praises
ad to; towards
nam for; because
ascendit climbs
terra earth; land; ground
ager field
sedet sits
manet stays; waits
videt sees
ducit leads
anxius -a/-um anxious
mittit sends
quiescit rests
celeriter quickly
adest is there (3rd person sing.)
surgit rises
eos/eas them (pl.)
diu for a long time
multus/-a/-um much/many
curat cares for; looks after
saepe often
tandem at last
ille/a he/she/that
cotidie every day
plenas full
quoque also
consistit stops
effluit flows out
post after
aegre with difficulty
una together
tabernam pub
alii others
duoviri the magistrates
interdum sometimes
sicci dry
confecta finished
querelas complaints
per + acc. through; throughout
clamat shouts
rogat asks
totum whole
ficos figs
cara expensive
sic thus; like that
quanti? how much?
tabernam piscatoriam the fish stall
merces wares
interea meanwhile
emit buys
facit makes; does
dat gives
iacet lies (down)
hortus garden
statim at once
hi these
valde very
personae characters
piscator fisherman
erit will be
accipit receives
quam cara! how expensive!
nimium too much
nec/neque and not/nor (neither/nor)
ponit puts; places
advenit arrives
iam now; already
procedit goes on(to)
corrigire to correct
abire to go away
dimittere to send away
exire to go out
meus/-a/-um my
ceteri/ceterae/cetera the others; the rest
tuus/-a/-um yours
ego I (acc.)
te you (acc.)
itaque and so
cupere to want; desire
sero late
nomine by name; called
pulchra pretty
quae who
colloquium talk; conversation
prior first
prope + acc. near
docere to teach
ludere to play
ire to go
constituere to decide
iubere to order
bene well
dum while
benigne kindly
ita vero yes
errare to err; to be wrong
recte rightly; correctly
aegre discit learns with difficulty
tabulis tablets
stultus foolish
ad se ferre to bring to him
mature early
nobis (to) us
maturius too early
esse to be
ianua door
magister master
iterum again
diligenter carefully; hard
domus home
littera letter (as in alphabet letter)
convocare to call together
navigare to sail
oppugnare to attack
pugnare to fight
volo I'm willing
se him
obsident they besiege
defendere to defend
occidere to kill
resistere to resist
vincere to conquer
capere to take (3rd mixed conj.)
fugere to flee (3rd mixed conj.)
iacere to throw (3rd mixed conj.)
fortis/forte brave
a/ab + abl. from
ira/irae anger
pugna/pugnae fight
canis dog
comes/comitis comrade
frater/fratris brother
navis ship
pater/patris father
princeps/principis prince
rex/regis king
urbs/urbis city
fortiter bravely
Argum of Argus
Graecorum of the Greeks
bellum war
eius his
heroum fortissimus the bravest of the heroes
Ulixes Odysseus
exercitum army
decem annos for ten years
possunt can; are able to
rixam quarrel
non diutius no longer
otiosus idle
pellunt they drive
qui who
inquiunt they say
nos us (acc.)
periculo danger
desistit ceases
incendunt they set fire to
si if
non vis they are not willing
invitus unwillingly; reluctantly
arma Achillis the arms of Achilles
induit puts on
territi terrified
hastam spear
interficit kills
susurrat whispers
quaerit looks for
latrat barks
cessare to idle
tacent they are silent
iacentem lying
ter three times
vindicare to take vengeance on
servare to save
timere to fear; be afraid of
circum (+ acc.) around
non vult refuses
propius nearer
se vertit he turns around
extra muros outside the walls
luget mourns
-que and
solus/a/um alone
mortuus/a/um dead
incolumis/incolume unharmed
mors death
murus wall
porta gate
conicere to hurl
relinquere to leave behind
reddere to give back; to return
vertere to turn
currus chariot
volat flies
vitat avoids
percutit strikes
parma shield
summa vi with all his might
aura air
transfigit pierces
dirum facinus (acc.) a terrible deed
alligat ties
uxor wife
misericordia by pity
tollit raises; lifts up
nox night
vigiles watchmen; guards
oro I beg
commotus est is moved
procumbit bows down
aedificare to build
flamma flame
clarus/a/um bright/clear/famous
accendere to set on fire
antea (before) before
arbor tree
age! come on!
aedes house
adesse to be present
admiratio admiration; wonder
accedere to approach
arx citadel
asinus ass
attonitus astonished
aut... aut either... or
aura breeze/air
auxilium help
bellum gerere to wage war
benignus kind
cadere to fall
canere to sing
capsula satchel
carmen song
capere to take
cupere to want/desire
casa house/cottage
castra camp
cavere to watch out
celer quick
cessare to idle
centurio centurion
cibus food
civis citizen
circumvenire to surround
circum (+ acc.) around
clamor shout
cliens client
cognoscere to learn/to get to know
collis hill
colere to worship/to till
colloqium conversation; talk
colonia colony
confectus finished
condere to found
conicere to hurl
conscendere to board (a ship)
consilium plan
nuntius message/messenger
cras tomorrow
cum (as conjunction) when
consul consul
contingere to touch/reach
consolatio comfort; consolation
custodire to guard
gigas giant (noun)
flos flower
gerere to carry/to wear
deserere to desert
dubius doubtful
exsilium exile
expellere to drive out
etiam even, also
et... et both... and
excitare to rouse; waken
frumentum grain
diutius for a longer time; longer
dedere to surrender; give up
desertus deserted
dictare to dictate
diligens careful; diligent
donum gift
dignus (+ abl.)... worthy of...
edere to eat
erumpere to break out
exemplum example
exponere to put out; explain
emere to buy
effugere to flee from; escape
gratiae thanks
ibi there
hiems winter
haud not
huc to here; hither
hodie today
ingens huge
immettere to send into; send against
perficere to carry out; complete
ira anger
ignavus lazy
magnifice magnificently
murus wall
moeania walls
pax peace
lux light
locus place
liber free
impudens shameless; impudent
quoque also
quidam/quaedam/quodam a certain; a
pulsare to beat; knock
proferre to carry forward; bring out
praesidium garrison
praebere to show
procul far
obses hostage
importare to carry into; import
incipere to begin
miles solider
proicere to throw forward; throw out
remigare to row
repellare to drive back
regia palace
plerique/pleraeque/pleraque several
populus (the) people
parvus small
pauci few
proelium battle
sacer sacred
puerilis childish
obsidere to besiege
nundinae market day
nugae nonsense; trifles
notus known
nisi unless; except
nunc now
senex old man
togatus wearing a toga (adj.)
tergum back (noun)
virtus courage/virtue
volare to fly
velle to be willing
unus one
unda wave
squalidus filthy
sordidus dirty
statua statue
superare to overcome
supplicare to beseech; beg
tantus so great
temptare to try
summus highest; greatest
somnus sleep
sonus sound
vitare to avoid
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