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Chapter 5 & 6 Vocabulary

Colony a territory separated from but subject to a ruling power
annex to fromally incomporate into a country or state the territory of another.
cede to transfer or give up
civil war a conflict between opposing groups of citizens of the same country
continental divide a boundary or are of high ground that separates rivers flowing toward opposite sides of continent
drainage basin the entire area of land that is drained by a major river and its tributaries
tributary a river or stream that flows into a main river
striation marks characterizing glaciated areas of rocks
rain shadow an area of reduced rainfall on the leeward side of high mountains
literacy the ability to read and write
suburb a residential area outside a central city
standard of living a person's or group's level of material well-being, as measured by education, housing health care and nutrition
per capita per person
gross national product the omestic firms in foreign countries and value of a nation's goods and services including the output of foreign countries and excluding the domestic output of foreign firms
canal an artificial waterway
telecommunication communication by electronic means
free enterprice an economic system that allows individuals to own, operate, and profit from their own businesses in a n open competitive market
metropolitan area a major city and its surrounding suburbs
hierachy rank according to function
hinterland the area served by a metropolis
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