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Music Test 2

Arpeggio A chord in which the notes are played one after the other
Classic Blues Bessie Smith's recordings epitomize
Foxtrot A popular dance created by Irene and Vernon Castle
Charleston the most popular of the vigorous new dances of the early 1920s
Ragtime Introduced the complex African-American rhythms to popular music. Joplin was its main composer
Speakeasies Associated with Prohibition in the 1920s
Race Records of black performers targeted at a black audience
Louis Armstrong The first great jazz soloist
Swing Rhythmic play over a 4-beat rhythm
Standard a song that remains popular well after its initial appearance
Crooner a male singer who sings with a sweet sound in conversation low-key manner
Billie Holiday Brought a deep feeling of the blues and swing of jazz into popular singing
Fletcher Henderson the musician most responsible for the sound of big band swing
folk music music made by members of a group for their own entertainment, and passed down by ear
Jimmie Rogers and Bob Wills Blended country with pop, blues, and jazz
Dobro a guitar with a built in steel resonator
Duke Ellington operated on a different artistic level than other big band leaders
Song Interpreter used songs to project his/her experience
Ralph Peer Responsible for the first country recording to be released (1923)
Broadside a topical text sung to a well known tune
Neotraditional style offers a new take on an established style
Thumb-brush style plays the melody on the lower strings, and between the melody notes chords on the upper strings
steel guitar an electric version of the Hawaiian guitar
Honky-tonk became the most popular style in country music by the end of the 1940s
The Weavers The first ambassadors of folk music
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