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Force 7th grade

Plants maintain constant size and shape due to: turgor pressure
Geotropism exhibited by plants means that a plant that has been laid on its side will: grow its stem upward and its roots downward
A simple machine reduces the amount of _____________ required to move an object. force
A simple machine reduces the amount of force required to move an object by increasing the ___________ that an object is moved. distance
There are 8 dogs attached to a sled with a man on it. The dogs are pulling the sled across the snow. Which statement best describes the force in motion? The forces are unbalanced, and the dog's forces is greater
If an object does not move when a force is applied to it then no work is done
Regardless of whether you use a ramp or if you lift the ground to move a box into a moving van, what remains the same? work
The goal of a simple machine is to reduce the amount of what? force needed to move an object
What best explains how a plant is able to grow upward? It exerts a force greater than the force of gravity
A wilted plant is given water and it becomes tall and strong because of: turgor pressure
As a seedling is sprouting through the soil, the force it exerts to move up must be greater than which of the following forces that are pulling downward? gravity
You gently roll a ball across the gym floor. What force will eventually make it come to a stop? friction
A plants roots will always grow in a downward direction. What force is affecting the root's growth? gravity
What is the simple definition of work? movement of an object
Define geotropism: an organisms response to gravity
An example of negative geotropism is a plants stem growing upward
An example of positive geotropism is a plants roots growing downward
What does a simple machine reduce? force needed to do work
Define phototropism an organisms response to light/sun
An example of negative phototropism is a plants roots growing downward
An example of positive phototropism is a plant growing upward toward the sun
Created by: ckirkland