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4th Gr ELA Vocab

Units 1-4

brainstorm solve a problem by having group members all contribute ideas freely
flattened made flatter, or more level or smooth
frantically wildly excited due to worry or fear
gracious kind and courteous
muttered spoken in a low, unclear way
official properly approved or authorized
original something new or different
stale something old or not fresh
humiliated made to feel ashamed or foolish
accountable responsible
advise give one's opinion or inform
desperately to try to change a hopeless situation
inspiration a person or thing that stirs the mind,the imagination, or feelings
self-esteem respect for oneself
hesitated waited or stopped, especially because of feeling unsure
uncomfortably uneasily
alter make different or change
collapse fall down or cave in
crisis difficult or dangerous situation
destruction great damage or ruin
hazard something that can cause harm or injury
severe very harsh or serious
substantial of great amount or size
unpredictable not able to tell beforehand
thrilling exciting
accelerate move or cause to move faster
advantage something that is helpful or useful
inquiry a search for information
capabilities the needed skills, powers, or abilities
friction a force between surfaces that slows objects or stops them from moving
gravity a force that pulls objects toward each other
identity who a person is or what a thing is
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