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IC L2P2 Lesson 13

分別 separately; respectively; to part from
留(下) to leave behind; to stay behind
profound; deep; dark(color); intimate(of relations or feelings)
分享 to share(joy,happiness,benefit)
報名 to sign up; to register
參加 to participate; to take part; to attend
包括 to include; to consist of
旅客 passenger; voyager; traveler
車廂 railway carriage
枕頭 pillow
擁抱 to embrace; to hug
幽默 humorous
省會 provincial capital
飲食 diet; food and drink
風俗 custom
習慣 habit; to be accustomed to
遊覽 to go sightseeing; to tour; excursion
故事 story; tale
古老 ancient; old
紀念品 souvenir; keepsake; memento
千萬 by all means; absolutely must
出發 to set out; to depart
房東 landlord or landlady
來往 to come and go; to have dealings with
Created by: applechanglaoshi
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