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FON Chapters 1,2,41

When confronted with and ethical decision, the nurse must observe the first fundamental principal of? Respect for people
A progressive physician and teacher who was reffed to as the "father of medicine: was known as? Hippocrates
Since a nurses 1st duty is pt's health, safety, and well-being, it is necessary to report what? Unethical behavior of other staff members
When asked to perform a procedure that the nurse has never done before, what should the nurse do to legally protect herself? Discuss it with the charge nurse
How can the medical record be used in litigation? Public record, proof of adherence to standards, evidence of omission of care, documentation of time lapses, evidence by only the plaintiff
After transcribing each order in a list of orders, the nurse should what? Check off the order
The laws that formally define and limit the ssope of practice in that state are? Nurse Practice Act
Universal guidelines that define appropriate measures for all nursing interventions that should be observed during the performance of those interventions are known as? Standards of care
When a nurse becomes involved in a legal action the 1st step to occur is that a document is filed in an appropriate court. Thus document is called a? Complaint
New graduates should purchase their own malpractice insurance rather that depend on institutional insurance because their own policy will? Carry liability coverage
During a lunch break, an emergency dept. (ED) nurse truthfully tells another nurse about the condition of a pt who came to the ED last night. What is the ED nurse guilty of? Defamation and Hipaa Violation
Pt's have expectations regarding the health care services they receive. To protect these expectations, which has become law? American Hospital Associations Patients Bill of Rights
An older adult is admitted to the hospital with numerous bodily bruises, and the nurse suspects elder abuse. The best nursing action is to? Report the bruises to the charge nurse.
Whose influence on nursing practice in the 19th century was related to improvement as a method of health promotion? Florence Nightingale
To identify the needs of a pt and design care to meet those needs the health care team requires? An individualized care plan
The pt care emphasis on wellness, rather that illness, began as a result of? Increased education concerning causes of illness
The most effective process to ensure that the care plan is meeting the needs of the pt or, if not, which changes should be made? Communication
An interdisciplinary approach to pt treatment enhances care by? Preventing the fragmentation of pt care
A newly licensed LPN\LVN may practice under? The supervision of a physician or RN, dentist
Personal beliefs about the worth of an object, idea, custom, or attitude that influence a persons behavior in a given situation is referred to as? Values
A physician instructs the nurse to bladder train a pt. The nurse clamps the pt's indwelling catheter but forgets to unclamp it and pt develops a Urinary tract infection (UTI). The nurses action is an example of? Malpractice
A nurse considering purchasing malpractice insurance should be aware that malpractice insurance provided by the hospital is? Only offered to protect while on duty
Which is a nursing care error that violates the Health Insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA)? Leaving a copy of the pt's history and physical in the copy machine.
The nurse is assisting a pt to clarify values by encouraging the expression of feelings and thoughts related to the situation. The nurse recognizes it is necessary too? Withhold an opinion
By protecting the information in a pt's record, the nurse fulfills the ethical responsibility of? Confidentiality
The nurse has strong moral convictions that abortions are wrong. When assigned to assist with an abortion, the nurse has a right to? Ask for another assignment
The new LPN\LVN is concerned regarding what should or should not be done for pt's. What resource will provide this information? Standards of care
The nurse is preparing the pt for athorocentisis. What must be completed before the procedure may be performed? Informed consent
When assessing environmental factors affecting health and illness,the nurse must realize these factors are both physical and social and that they? Both affect one another
beneficence negligence
assault threat or harm causing fear battery purposefully touching
In order for the vocational nursing student to attain licensure the nclex pn must be passed with a score that is? Designated as pass
The national council of STate boards of Nursing NCSBN performs a job analysis every ? years to practice of lpn\lvn 3
The nurse concludes that the best way to avoid a lawsuit is to ? Provide compassionate and competent care
Although the nurse may disagree with a DNR order legally he or she ? Must follow the order
Pt's have the expectations regarding the health care services they receive. To protect these expectations which has become law ? American Hospital Associations patients bill of Rights
By protecting the information in a pt's record the nurse fulfills the ethical responsibility of? Confidentiality
Assuming responsobility for a pt's care formas a legally binding situation described as? Nurse-patient relationship
The process to obtain license in another state when the person has passed the nclex examination in their own state is to? Utilize the reciprocity agreement between states
A nurse who failed to irrigate a feeding tube as ordered resulting in harn to the pt could be found guilty of? Malpractice for acts of omission
Acts whose performance is required permitted or prohibited are defined by? The standards of care
A lumbar punctures was performed on a pt w\out a signed informed consent form. This may be a situation which a pt could sue for Civil battery
True or false The nurse must know the nurse practice act within his or her state. True
Giving procholorperazine (compazine) to a pt allergic to phenthiazines could be cited for? Malpractice
Primitive medical interventions were based on the belief that illness was caused by the presence of? Evil spirits
The wellness\illness continuum is defined as? The range of a persons total health
Florence Nightingales original nursing education took place at? Kaiserworth school
Graduates of the 1st school for training the practical nurse were referred to as? Attendant nurses
A system of comprehensive pt care that considers the physical, emotional, and social environment and spiritual needs of a person is? Holistic Health Care
When seeking advice involving the pt's right to refuse medication, the nurse should most appropriately consult? The hospital ethics committee
The system that reduces the # of employees but still provides quality care for pt's is? Cross training
A cost effective delivery of care being used by many hospitals that allows the lpn\lvn's to work with the rn to meet pt needs is? case management
The document in which the role and responsibilities of the lpn\lvn are identified is the ? Nurse practice act
Early training programs for the lpn\lvn's differ from todays concept of preparing the lpn\lvn in regard to increased focus on? Organized education
Maslows hierarchy of needs is based on the premise that? Basic needs must be met before the next level of needs can be met
The relationship among pt's health and environment are the basis for? Nursing models
The American hospital associations 1072 document outlines the pt's expectations to be treated with dignity and compassion is? Patient bill of rights
The organization that was established during WWII to provide nursing education and training was the? Cadet nursing corps
The earliest form of organized health care given by a designated group of people was provided by the ancient civilization of? Babylon
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