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6th Grade Vocab

Unit 1 Music Vocab

lyrics the words to a song
repeat sign play the music again
D.S. al coda repeat back to the sign and take the coda
coda a short section that ends a song
form the pattern of section in a song, how the song is organized
tone color the special sound of each instrument
band woodwinds, brass and percussion play in this group
orchestra group that has all four families of instruments and features the strings
March form intro A A B B Trio Trio
introduction the section before the main melody that let's us hear that style, key and tempo songs may or may not have an introduction
trio contrasting section in a march that was originally played by 3 instruments
verse different sets of words for the same melody
refrain one set of words for a repeating melody
samba bateria percussion group that plays for festivals in Brazil
Rondo form ABACA
Popular song form originated in the 1930s, very common in pop music today AABA -may or may not include an introduction
Ternary form ABA 3 sections with the contrasting section in the middle
Created by: sstyers