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Cell trading cards

Nucleus: Brain It runs the cell and controls all cell activity. It determines what proteins are to be made and stores all the plans for any proteins that the cell has currently makes or has made in the past. Its nickname is the Brain because the brain runs the bo
Mitochondria: Powerhouse It transforms one form of energy to another. Its nickname is the Powerhouse because it carries out cellular respiration and create energy. It and the chloroplast are the to organelles responsible for transformation, neither organelle truly produces
Plasma Membrane: Telephone The Plasma Membrane regulates what enters and leaves the cell. It also functions as the communications department because it is where the cell contacts external environment. It is called the Telephone because it communication department and we use te
Endoplasmic Reticulum: UPS Endoplasmic Reticulum helps transport materials within the cell. Within the cytoplasm is a series of large, flattened membranes that fold back and forth on each other and have a very large surface area. This collection of membranes is called the END
Ribosome: Mechanic Ribosomes, the workers that build proteins, are manufactured by the nucleolus. It's nickname is the Mechanic because mechanics build things and Ribosomes build proteins. The Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum have Ribosomes attached to it and provides a s
Lysosome: Maids Lysosomes are responsible for the breakdown and absorption of materials taken in by the cell. Without lysosomes, the cell would accumulate too much junk and would not be able to function for very long. It's nickname is Maids because they breakdown and
Golgi Apparatus: FEDX The Golgi body prepares the proteins to be used or exported. Workers in this part of the plant are responsible for making minor adjustments to the finished products. They inspect the products for flaws, clean them of any extra material added during t
Vacuole: Storage Unit Plants cells contain Vacuole which are spaces, or sacs, that hold liquids. These structures are often filled with water which helps keep a plant cell rigid. When the structure loses the their water, the plant wilts or dries out. It's nickname is Sto
Nuclear Membrane: Envelope The Nuclear Membrane surrounds the nucleus and is composed of two layers. It also has numerous openings for nuclear traffic. The Nuclear membrane is also known as the Nuclear envelope it covers the nucleus in eukaryotes cells. Its nickname is Envel
Cell Membrane: Door The function of the cell membrane is to let particles in and out of the cell. If they are to big then they need to go through channel proteins. If not they can go through the cell membrane itself and in to the rest of the cell as a whole. It's n
Cytoplasm: Parent/Guidance Counselor Cytoplasm consists of mostly water, salts, some proteins and organelles. It's nickname is the Parent/Guidance Councilor because it supports the inside of a cell.The Cytoplasm, Nucleus and Plasma Membrane compose eukaryotic cells.
Cytoskeleton: Skeleton The Cytoskeleton maintains the cell's shape and can be used to move the cell membrane. It's nickname is Skeleton because like a skeleton it maintains the living things shape.The Cytoskeleton provides support in a cell. It is a network of protein fi
Created by: CliffNa