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AP GOV Ch.17 Siftar

AP US Government Ch.17 Wilson - Kinnick

What are the two major kinds of welfare programs? Those that benefit most or all people, EX Medicare, or Social Security or other programs that five aid after select amount of years. Also there are those that help a small group of people, like food stamps or Medicaid.
What are the DIFFERENCES between the two major types of welfare programs? The two differ in that the programs that help many people have no 'means test' which means that everyone can get this program. The programs that help small groups of people have 'means tests' meaning that certain requirements must be met to get that aid.
There are three things that shape the American acceptance of a program what are they? First Americans have more restictive approach to who gets government assistance. Second, America is slower then other countries at accepting these programs. Third, the Federal Government has insited on giving the states authority over these programs.
There are two big benifits for the Federal Government in having the states run many social programs, what are they? One is that when requesting for help from the government they can use the excuse that that person is already getting aid from the state. Two is that lobbyist can use federal aid as an incentive for people to listen to them, or get votes for candidates.
What is a Means test? A Means test is one that proves that a person going for specific aid is eligable by not having enough money to pay for the service or item themselves.
There is going to be a slight problem in the futrue, that of saving medicare and social security. What is the major problem behind saving them? The major problem is that people like the way that medicare and social security are, meaning that they don't want them to change, yet time are changing and reforms are needed. Basically they need to save the programs, but keep them the same or close to it
What is one current problem with medicare? Medicare costs billions of dollars annually. The reason for this increasing cost (a problem for Medicare program) is that there are new developments and life-prolonging technologies and procedures keeping the elderly alive a little longer...
Explain the Biggest problem with Social Security Social Securities biggest problem is that the age population is rapidly changing and for all of the people in social security there are 4 or less workers, meaning that there isn't enough money coming from the workers to support the retirees.
What is one of the best solutions for the Medicare problem? One of the best solutions found is to have Doctors and Hospitals work for the government, this way people would have to pay much less for medical care.
Define Service Strategy Service Strategy is a method of teaching people job skills, and giving jobs to people who need them.
Define Income Strategy Income strategy is a method of distributing money. (a plan to help people out).
In the constitution, it speaks about general welfare. what does that mean? The framers of the constitution were entending to say that they wanted people to have an equal opportunity for prosperity as well as ensure that if there were excessivly rich people, that they would provide for the poor.
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