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Stack #136202

All animals are eukaryotic, multicelluar, and have true tissues True
An invertebrate is an animal that has no skeleton False
what is a filter feeder? sponge
Nematocysts help a jellyfish... protect and feed itself
Bilateral symmetry is exhibited by a... planarian
Neuons and ganglia are associated with an animal's... nervous system
Ascaris is a... roundworm
what is not an organ of the earthworm's digestive system? excretory tubule
The earthworm's blood pressure is controlled by five pairs of... aortic arches
Match: hookworm, earthworm, coral, sponge, tapeworm 1. Nematoda, 2. Annelida, 3. Cnidaria, 4. Porifera, 5. Platyhelminthes
which is not a mollusk? (slug, octopus, jellyfish, oyster) jellyfish
all mollusks live in the water False
Which has a foot? (clam, oyster, snail, octopus) clam
An exoskeleton with jointed appendages is characteristic of phylum... Arthropoda
The grasshopper has an open circulatory system True
What stage is associated with incomplete metamorphosis nymph
You would probably find the greatest number of legs on a(n)... millipede
Radial symmetry is typical of... echinoderms
the water-vascular system is important for... movement and predation
which of these is not an echinoderm? (sea urchin, starfish, sand dollar, squid) squid
Match: ureter, spinal cord, diaphragm, small intestine, artery 1. excretory, 2. nervous, 3. respiratory, 4. digestive, 5. circulatory
Endoskeletons can contain both bone and cartilage True
In a fsh, the blood that leaves the heart goes directly to the... gills
Gills are found in... fish and tadpoles
Sensory organs of the head are conected to the brain by... cranial nerves
food does not pass through the... pancreas
Because a fish is supported by an internal skeleton, we can say it is endothermic False
the lamprey is a... jawless fish
Amphibians are the only vertebrates that... experience metamorphosis
a frog has teeth but does not chew its food True
Which of these is so unique that it is in an order of reptiles all by itself? (ttuatara, Gila monster, Amerian crocodile, caecilian) tuatara
There are snake species that live in... deserts, jungles, and oceans
Mammals, birds, and reptiles are all endothermic organisms False
Which of these organ systems is/are used by some endothermic animals to cool themselves? (circulatory, respiratory, nervous, or all) all of these
A sharp, hooked beak would probably be found on a bird that eats... meat.
In addition to lungs, birds have.... connected to their respiratory system to increase volume. air sacs
Which of these is the food source in a bird's egg? (albumen, shell membrance, yolk, or none of these) yolk
All mammals have some hair. True
Which of these would be nourished through an umbilical cord during development? (monotreme, marsupial, placental mammal, or all of these) Placental mammal
The mammal teeth used primarily for cutting are the... incisors
The mammal hair that contains pigments and is responsible for the animal's coat color is the... guard hair
Which of these is not a marsupial? (duck-billed platyus, koala, kangaroo, opossum) duck-billed platypus
When a lioness cleans and nurses her cubs, she is displaying a reflex behavior. False
Innate behaviors are those an animal is born with. True
The mating rituals seen in many animals are example of... instincts
Migration has been observed among... mammals, birds, and reptiles
The champion invertebrate migrator discussed in our book is the... monarch butterfly
Which of these does not respond to pheromones as far as we know? (gypsy moth, prairie dog, whale, ant) whale
In the following section, match each example with the type of behavior it represents. (instinct, reflex, learned behavior, or intelligent behavior) 7,8,9
A squirrel efficiently opens and eats a nut. learned behavior
Created by: kaikerrk