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Vocabulary List 3

wittly clever expression
quandry confusion
nascent beginning to develop
essence the real nature of something
associative showing a form of relationship
sociological related to the study of society
bland without taste or seasoning
semantic coming from the different meanings of words
sympathy expression of compassion
anxious uneasiness because of fear
diagnosis the process of identifying a condition by medical examination
regrettable unforunate
sociologist a person who studies society
linguist a person who studies language
insular narrow viewpoint
moderately not extreme
percentile a method used to determine how one test takers score compares to that of another
impeccable perfect
benign harmless
wince to shrink back from pain
empirical drawing on experience or observation
guise outward appearance
portfolio the investments held by one person
belies misrepresents
converses speaks with
vivid bright, colorful
observation to watch or notice
wrought shaped by beating
intimacy closeness
transcribed to change the form of something verbalized into written form
evoke call up, summon
keenly sharply, strongly
intersection crossing point
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