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Qbank High Yield

All the things you never knew

Case control Study Affected vs Unaffected; odds ratio established
Cohort - Time frame? Happens in the future
IV Contrast: What should be stopped? Metformin, NSAIDs
Contraindications to Metformin CHF, Renal failure, Liver failure, EtOH Abuse, Contrast
2 stage oral glucose tolerance test (ogtt) 50g glucose test: 1hr 140+ ---> You need a 3hr, 100g OGTT
100g OGTT for Gestational DM: What are the cutoffs? (Need 2 pos) Fasting>95, 1hr>180, 2hr>155, 3hr>140
Gestational DM Cutoffs: Fasting and 2hr postprandial fasting <95, 2hr postprandial <120
Medicines associated with akathasia? mood stabilizers
Treatment for akathasia add a beta blocker
Crypto meningitis: Opening pressure? Cell Count? Protein? Glucose? Opening pressure very high (x>200mmH20), Cell Count is Meh (Low, but all lymphocytes), protein is high, glucose is low
Viral Meningitis: how is it different from fungal? Glucose is unchanged in viral
Next step in managing an elevated PSA (x>4) Trans-Urethral biopsy
Positive predictive value of an elevated PSA? 25%
diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis? XR of the sacroilliac joint
2 tests that track the progress of ankylosing spondylitis XR, and ESR
Cure for symptomatic ITP without hemorrhage Steroids
Cure for symptomatic ITP with hemorrhage Splenectomy
Consequence of untreated Varicocoele? Impotence (pampiniform plexus does temp regulation)
When does varicocele require CT Abdomen? Bilateral, Or Right Varicocele.
Pear-shaped motile organisms on a vag wet mount? Trichomonas.
Breast mass in healthy female under 30. Start with ultrasound.
What if ultrasound shows simple cystic mass in breast? Reassure; Okay to aspirate if patient prefers
What if breast ultrasound shows complex cyst or mass Core Biopsy.
Echo findings consistent with PE "RV Strain"... Right ventricular dilation, tricuspid regurg, and decreased RV function.
Until what age can you do upside down back thrust in a choking infant? Until 1yo. After that they get heimliched.
Sickle Cell Child comes into hospital in crisis. +Splenomegaly. How do you evaluate the splenomegaly? Why is this impt? CBC will show if there is a squestration crisis.
Mononucleosis symptom triad? Young, high fevers, fatigue, pharyngitis, splenomegaly
Thyroid Nodule: Pathway. 1. Do a TSH: you need to know if it's a hyperactive nodule, or if it could be cancerous. 2. If normal TSH, get FNA. 3. If TSH is suppressed, radionucleide scan and if hot nodule, just observe.
Papillary Thyroid cancer. What do you do? Near total thyroidectomy, then radionucleide scan for any metastatic areas. Then radiation.
Perimenopause presenting with a sudden heavy period? Get a uterine lining ultrasound.
Henoch Schonlein: Describe case Antecedent URI, abdominal pain, purpuric lesions climbing up legs. Can have kidney involvement
TTP: Constellation of 5 things 1. Low plts, 2. RBC fragmentation 3. Neuro signs 4. AKI 5. Fever
Treatment for TTP Urgent plasmapheresis
Psoriasis: the primary lesion hyperplasia of epidermis
Psoriatic arthritis: treatment MTX for joint involvement. UV therapy for skin
Hyperthyroid meds: what is preferred? What about preggers? General: Methimazole. Preggers: PTU for first trimester (then methimazole)
Hyperthyroid with ESR Subacute Thyroiditis
Subacute Thyroiditis: Characteristics Inflammatory process causing release of thyroid hormones. Decreased thyroid uptake
Subacute thyroiditis: Tx NSAIDs, Steroids if needed
First step to managing Lupus Nephritis Need a renal Biopsy; 4 different types and all have diff treatment regimen
Sarcoid with Erythema Nodosum - Treatment None; good prognosis alone
Safe to switch to ARB if an ACE caused angioedema? Aww yeah.
Giardia Outbreak: Who needs Rx? Only symptomatic carriers.
Bronchiolar Carcinoma causing recurrent PNA. Diagnostic test? Flex Bronch.
Toxic Shock: Exotoxin or Endotoxin? EXOtoxin. Endo is Gram-negative.
Window of time in which you can rapidly stop steroids? 3 weeks (even high doses can be virtually stopped cold turkey)
Carpal Tunnel: Physical Exam tests Tinel, Phalen (flexing wrists), or Hand Raising x1 minute
Rx for carpal tunnel (3 steps, from most conservative to most aggressive) 1. Nighttime Wrist splints. 2. Steroid inject 3. Surgery
What rheum disorder is associated with temporal arteritis? Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Differentiating symptoms of PMR vs Polymyositis? PolyMYALGIA is always painful, Polymyositis usually presents with weakness but not pain
Multifocal Atrial Tach: Causes? hypoxia; COPD; electrolytes (K, Mag)
LFT Profile in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis HIGH AlkPhos. (Normal AST/ALT)
LFT Profile in Autoimmune Hepatitis Mild AST, ALT, AlkPhos. [look for middle aged woman with autoimmune disease in question stem]
Wilson's Dz- Labs, physical exam Low ceruloplasmin; hepatomegaly
Colloid Goiter: Who, how Teenage girls, swelling with no lab abnormality
Thyroid Lymphoma: presentation Rapid swelling and destruction of thyroid tissue; risk factor is hashimoto's
Scleroderma: Esophageal Manometry findings? LES sphincter tone? Manometry shows no peristaltic waves. LES sphincter tone is LOW
Achalasia: Esophageal manometry? LES tone? No Peristalsis. LES tone UP (birdbeak)
Cervical CA screening 21-29 21-29yrs: Q3yr screening.
Cervical CA screening 30-65 q3yr or q5year if done with HPV screening
Cervical CA screening if 65+ or hysterectomy No screening if not high risk
Bell's palsy: Causes Lyme disease, tumor
Tx for bell's palsy Corticosteroids
Acyclovir for bell's palsy? Nope
Unstable Torsades SHOCK THEM. Come on.
Stable Torsades: Tx? Mag. Nificent.
Child Hep B vaccines: dates Birth, 3 mo, 6mo. Check titers at 9mo
Lobular Carcinoma In Situ: What next Nothing reall, LCIS is benign. Can excise
Treatments for Croup (2) Racemic Epi. Or corticosteroids. It's just swelling
Diagnosing Shistosomiasis Urine microscopy for ova & parasites
Reversing warfarin in case of bleeding FFP
Reversing warfarin urgently (but no bleeding) Vitamin K
Pear shaped fuckers on a wet mount Trichomonas
Pramipexole: What is it Dopamine agonist. Used in Parkinson's sometimes instead of Levodopa/Carbidopa.
PML on MRI No Mass effect; no enhancement
What med to give in sulfonylurea OD? Octreotide, prevents insulin release from hyperglycemia
Abx for the clap? Ceftriaxone & Doxy (has to cover for possible c. trachomatis)
Indications for HRT Preventing osteoporosis, hotflashes
Downsides of HRT (CV, Neuro) Increases MI, increases VTE, increases dementia
Acute hemolytic reaction to blood transfusion: Timeline Instant (like 1hr or less)
What transfusion reactions occur 1-6hr in? Febrile Nonhemolytic or TRALI
How to prevent TRALI / febrile nonhemolytic leukopoor blood
Who needs leukopoor? Transplant patients, prior TRALIs, AIDS.
Anticoagulants contraindicated in HIT patients Heparin, LMWH, UFH, AND WARFARIN
Technetium-99 Meckel's.
Isotretinoin side effects dead babies, high triglyceride levels
INR Goal for mechanical aortic valve 2-3 *Unless* AFib -> 2.5-3.5
Preggers woman with new TB. Tx? R-I-E (Rifampin, INH, Ethambutol). Avoid pyrizanamide unless MDRTB because lack of knowledge on teratogenicity
Tx for Rosacea Topical Metronidazole
Name 2 types of meningitis prophylaxis Rifapmin, or Cipro.
How to treat ALS Riluzole (glutamate inhibitor)
Side effect of Kava Liver damage
Side effect of Ginseng schizophrenia, bleeding
Side effect of ginko biloba antiplatelet effect
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