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social studies

baddeck grade 7 social studies

1871 British Columbia joined the confederation.
1873 Prince Edward Island joined the confederation.
1885 the transcontinental railway was complete.
1896-1914 there was a flood of immigrants from britain, Europe, and the us to the Canadian west.
why was the settlers from the west unhappy. because of high costs for supplies,shipping, low price for settlers producer.
what were the metis promised. land in the red river area.
who was Gebriel Dumont? was a respected member of the Metis communityin the saskatchewan
who had the hight population? the nehiyawak (who were also known as the cree)
what happened in 1884? gabriel Dumont invited louis Riel to come back to canada and help the metis.
what changed in 1870? Louis Riel had suceeded in making the goverment respect the metis rightsin the Red River
who was frederick Middleton? experienced solider who had served in several british colonies.
what happened a fort Carlton? they ran out of food and ammunition.
what are physical features? including landforms (mountains), bodies of water (rivers).
what is treason? a crime of trying to harm or get rid of the goverment of your country by force.
who gave the order to get louis Riel Hung? John a Macdonald
what did the men of the metis do? they hunted and fished for the family.
when did the first school open. in 1930
what did the innu face? They faced disease and starvation.
people of newfouland hunted what? animals beaver, otter, and fox.
who is Joe Jeddore He was a mi`kmaw guide who worked in newfoundland.
Created by: lucas