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unit 1 vocabulary

cresent some thing with a thin curved shap like a quarter moon
awesome causing wonder of fear
injustice unfairnees
presence the bearing, influence, or air of a person fet by anothee person
revelation some thing made known
proprietor owner
picket line a boun dary established by those who are standing in front of or walking about a place in protest
human nature the basic traits and characteristics
insincere false or dishonest
fowl `one of a number of birds such as chicken and duck used for food
modest ashram living condiding
relic anything from the past
restrained to keep from doing something ; hold back
reform change for the better
restrictions rule or regulation designed to comfine or limit
discontent unhappiness orrestless
resovled to settle; explain, or to sovle
detached to remove from each other
presumed to believe to be true without questions
philosopher a person who studies or specilizes
curious eger to learn, interested in things
bewelding to confuse or puzzle, mixed up
interval a time or space between two things
imbedded to place or set firmly
inspierd to move in action,to stir the mind
elaborate worked out or made great detail
elegant rich and fine quality
catastrophic violant and very sudden
strutting to walk in such manner
tremors a shake or trembling
quiverd to shake slightly, shiver
frantically in a such wild excited manner
anxious nervous, worried, or fearful about
horrified to cause a feeling or great fear and dread
muffled to wrap or cover so as to soften the sound
gasping to draw in air
barren not able to produce
remains things that are left behind
circuated to move arond wildly different places
bulk the largest or main part
inscriptions something that is written, engraved or printed as a lasting record
decipher to figure out a secret code
complex complex hard to understand or do
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