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crescent A curved shape like a quater moon
fowl A type of bird used for food such as chicken, or duck.
awesome Causing wonder or fear
injustices unfairness, unequal
picket-line A boundry of people protesting about something
relevations Something that is made known
proprietor Owner
presence Influence or feeling felt by another person.
insincere False or disonest
human nature Basic traits and characteristics of people
modest Cover up, to limit in size
relics Things from the past
restrined To keep from doing something, hold back
reform Change for the better
restrictions A rule or regulation to confine or limit
discontent Unhappiness or restless
resolved To settle, explain, or sove
detatched To seperate or remove from
boycotted Buy,or make a deal with
cherish To love and treat tenderly
prank A playful mischeveous trick or tease
segragation To seperate into a group
encounters An unexpeted planning, or meeting
nourishing To provide for something
carrer Something you do in life
creed A statement people belive in
self-evident Easier to understand without expanations
exaulted Extended or heightend
despair To completely lose hope
discords A lack of agreement, or harmonizing
Authority A person or group having control of something
rebel To fight against authority
drought A long period of time with little or no rain
indespensible Absolutely nesscesary
overwhelming Extreme or greatest
compassionate Having or showing sympothy
reluctantly Hesitation or unwillingnes
controversial Causing disputes or disagreements
self-sacrifice To sacrifice yourself for someone
humility The disposition of being humbe or modest
diplomat A person who controls relations between his or hers country
clung To hold on tightly
refugees A person who flees from their country for protection
issue To send or give out
superiors A person with a higher position
embraced Like a hug, to show emotion
apprciation Understanding the value of something
deed Something done, act or action
resign To give up a job or position, retire
humanity People, all human beings
elagant Rich and fine in quality
interval A time in space between two objects or things
elaborate Worked out or made a great deal with detail and great care
philosopher A person who studies knowlodge or life
imbedded To set firmly on something
bewildering To confuse or mix up
presumed To belive some thing to be true without question
curious Eagar to learn new, wondering
inspired To stir up the mind, feeling, or imagination
catosrophic Violent or sudden, something bad
strutting To walk in such a manner
tremors Like a shake in the ground
quiverd To shake and vibrate slightly
frantically In wildly exitement
anxious Worried, fear or nervous
horrified To be scared in a more extreme way
muffled To wrap or cover
gasping To draw for air
barren Not able to produce
remains Things left behind
circulated To move wildley around among diffrent places
bulk The largest or main part
inscriptions Something written or engraved as a lasting record
decipher To figure out something difficult to understand
complex Made of connected parts or hard to understand
corresponding Matching
confirmed To be true or correct
equivalents Something that is equal to another
enabled To make able
interpretations Explanation of something or meaning
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