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AP GOV Ch. 6 Siftar

AP US Government Ch. 6 Wilson - Kinnick

Australian Ballot election ballots printed by the government and casted in secret
The 15th Amendment Guaranteed the right to vote to all, regardless of race, color, and previous states of slavery
The Grandfather Clause allows people to vote if an ancestor voted before 1867 [enabled poor/illiterate whites to vote; excluded blacks because they had no ancestors that could vote at that time]
Literacy test state law that prevented blacks from voting [most were illiterate and uneducated]--extremely hard test--- was suspended by the Voting Rights Act of 1965
The 19th Amendment Allowed women the right to vote
White Primary exclusion of blacks from voting in the Primaries [South: Democratics won almost all elections]---voided by the Supreme Court for being unconstitutional
Apathy Lack of enthusiasm / energy
Poll Tax state tax paid before voting [to prevent blacks from voting] --- illegal
VAP [voting age population] % of people in the US who are eligible to vote [18 or older]
VEP [voting eligibility polulation] % of people in the US who are registered to vote and over the age of 18
Americans don't vote [or have lower turnout than other countries] because _________________. they don't register to vote
What affects political participation rates in the US? age, race, party organization, registration, and popular views about elections
____________ citizens are most likely to vote. Older [moreso, white males]
What are the most significant determinants of participation? education and age
America has a ___________ voter turnout than other countries, but vote _____ _____________ and for more offices. lower; more frequently
Elections make a ___________ difference in affecting public affairs. big, HUGE. GINORMOUS [like... TITANIC MIDGETS...and by TITANIC, i MEAN MASSIVE!!!]
Americans tend to participate in more non-electoral forms of participating in the government. Some examples are: writing letters to officeholders, going to meetings, etc.
Political Participation includes: voting, campaigning, community activities, etc.
Americans are more likely to participate if they: are more educated, attend church, have a higher social-economic status, are white (if the socio-economic status is factored out), and/or are women (vote slightly more than men)
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