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AP GOV Ch. 5 Siftar

AP US Government Ch. 5 Wilson - Kinnick

Political Polls surveys of public opinion. [e.x. : Who is the most scandalous president in the history of the United States?---- 64% Nixon; 15% Clinton; 21% Chuck Norris-- But Chuck Norris wasn't scandalous, scandalous just wanted to be Chuck Norris]
Conservatives "It's not the governments responsibility to assure everyone a job. Minorities and people who want segregation can make things happen on their own.Protest? Marijuana? Rights of the ACCUSED!? psssssh! I'm against it all!" [Grumpy old man stat.]
Liberal "Everyone should have a job! We should all get along, . Minorities should be hired more frequently and we should voice our opinion in whatever form. Legallize MaryJane and find ways to protect the ACCUSED, not guilty." [Hippie stat.]
Populist Liberal on economic matters and conservative on social ["The government should reduce economic inequality but regulate personal conduct"]
Ideology a general set of political, economical, and social beliefs concerned with the form and role of the government
Norm "Right and Proper Conduct"--- What elites tend to state by settling controversies
Gender Gap the significant difference between men and women
Religious Tradition Catholics: more liberal than Protestants (economically); Jewish: more liberal than Catholics and Protestants (both economically and socially)
Silent Majority a large group of people that do not express their opinions because of apathy or because they believe their opinions do not matter or make a difference
Liberatarian Conservative on economic matters and liberal on social ["we want a small weak government"]
What affects public opinion? Family, religion, media, and education
Higher educated people are most likely to be ____________. liberal
Higher income wokers often side with the ___________ party. Republican / conservative
Blacks are often ____________. Democratic
Causes of cleavage: Race/ethnicity, class (education), region
ideologies (types) pure liberal, pure conservative, liberatarian, populist
__________ are most likely to display consistent ideology. Elites
__________ has a disproportionate influence on public policy and influence mass opinion through spreading information and evoking political norms. Elites or Chuck Norris
Men have become increasingly more ____________ since the mid 1960s. Republican
Women, in general, have consistently been ____________. Democratic
Social class is ________ important in the United States than in Europe. less
White southerners _________ attached to Democratic party than in the past. less
Most people lie in the ____________ of the political spectrum. middle
What can affect political poll results? wording
Saliency the importance of an issue to a certain group
Created by: airubaibi