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Insect Test

Anthropods makes up?75% of all animals
Characteristics of an Arthropod No back bone, joint legs, antennae
Simple Metamorphosis (incomplete): Egg->Nymph->Adult All life stages look similar. Family lives and feeds together
Complete Metamorphosis: Egg->Larvae->Pupae->Adult *Does not resemble adult *Live in different environment *Eat different foods
Incomplete Metamorphosis Examples: Orthoptera Hemoptera Trynzanoptera Demoptera
Complete Metamorphosis Examples: Coleoptera Diptera Lepidoptera Neuroptera Hymenoptera
Insect Parts: Head Thorax Abdomin
Exoskeleton: Covered by hard outer shell. Plastic like skin
Insect development: Cold blooded-development influenced by the temperature. Inactive below 50*f Breed, eat, develop faster the warmer. Up to 95*
Insect Mouthpieces: Sucking-Damage to the inside Chewing- Damage to all
Insect reproduction: Short life cycle. Generation last 1-6weeks. Large number of eggs. (100-2,00) at a time
How long has Arthropods been around? 350 million years
Created by: Ashley Stone74