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心臓(しんぞう) heart
心電図(しんでんず) electrocardiogram (ECG)
測定器(そくていき) measuring instrument
人工(じんこう) artificial
呼吸(こきゅう) respiration
装置(そうち) device, apparatus, equipment
電子(でんし) (prefix) electronic
機器(きき) machinery and tools, equipment
重大(じゅうだい) serious, important, grave
与える(あたえる) give, grant, bestow; provide, offer, supply
院内(いんあい) inside a hospital
使用(しよう) use, application, utilization
禁止(きんし) prohibition, ban
自粛(じしゅく) self-control, self-discipline
打ち出す(うちだす) announce, come up with, work out
措置(そち) step, measure, action
電話機(でんわき) telephone
と共に(とともに) together with
周り(まわり) surroundings
目配り(めくばり) being watchful, keeping an eye open
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