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店(みせ) store, shop, establishment
着信音(ちゃくしんおん) receiving tone, ring tone
壊す(こわす) break, destroy; ruin, spoil
鳴り(なり) ringing, sound
話の腰を折る(こしをおる) interrupt somebody (at an interesting part of the story)
怖い(こわい) scary, dreadful
命(いのち) life
事態(じたい) situation, (state of) things, circumstances
平成(へいせい) Heisei
岡山(おかやま) Okayama
県(けん) prefecture
点滴(てんてき) intravenous drip
発生源(はっせいげん) cause, source
電磁波(でんじは) electromagnetic wave
起こる(おこる) occur, happen
発見(はっけん) finding, detection, discovery
患者(かんじゃ) patient
影響(えいきょう) effect, influence, impact
避ける(さける) avoid, avert, ward off
誤作動(ごさどう) malfunction, failure
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