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Latin Lessons 1-8

Latin Lessons 1-8 Vocabulary

a, ab +Ablative from, away from
agricola f. -ae farmer
alia f. n.- aliud another, other
amant they love
amo amare love; like
ambulo ambulare walk
antiqua ancient; old
ara n. altar
aqua f. water
bene well
bona good
caelum n. sky, heaven
cara +Dative dear, precious
celeriter quickly
clamo clamare shout
clara bright; famous
cum +Dative with
Cur why
de (prep + Ablative) about; concerning
dea f. -ae goddess
desidero desiderare desire; wish
diu for a long time
do dare give
donum n. gift
e, ex +Ablative from, out from, out of
epistula f. -ae letter
erat he, she, it was
est he, she, it is
et and
expecto expectare await, wait for
fabula f. -ae story
femina f. -ae woman
filia f. -ae daughter
flamma -ae flame
grata (+Dative) pleasing (to)
habeo I have
habent they have; they hold
habes you (s.) have; you hold
habet he, she, it is
habeo habitare dwell, live in
hasta f. -ae spear
hic here,in this place
hodie today
ibi there; in that place
in (+Ablative) in; on (+Accusative) into; onto
insula f. -ae island
irata angry
itaque and so; therefore
iterum again; a second time
juvo juvare, juvi help, aid
laboro laborare work; toil
laudant they praise
laudo laudare praise
longa long
luna f. -ae moon
magna great; large
mant he, she, it remains
me (Accusative) me
mihi (Dative) to me
monstro monstrare show; display
mox soon
multa much
multae many
narro narrare tell; relate
nauta m. -ae sailor
navigo navigare sail
neceo necare kill
noctu at night
non not
nova strange; unusual; new
nunc now
occupo occupare seize; capture
olim once, formerly, sometime
ora f. -ae shore; coast
oro (can take double accusative) beg, ask for, pray
parva small
pecunia money
periculosa dangerous
porto portare carry; bring
postea afterward; later
pro (+Ablative) in front of; before; on behalf of
propero properare hurry; hasten; rush
propinqua (+Dative) near to; nearby
pugno pugnare fight
pulchra beautiful; handsome
quattuor four
quod because
quoque also, too
rana f. -ae frog
saepe often
sagitta f. -ae arrow
scribit he, she, it writes
sed but
semper always
servo servare save; preserve
silva f. -ae forest; woods
specto spectare to look at, watch
sto stare; steti stand
subito suddenly
sum esse be
sunt They are
supero superare defeat; conquer; overcome; surpass; win
te (Accusative) you (s.)
telum n. -i weapon; spear
templum n. -i temple
tempto temptare attempt; try
terra f. -ae land; earth
territa terrified; frightened; scared
tibi (Dative) to you (s.), for you
timent they fear
tum then; at that time
ubi when; where
via f. -ae road; street; way
vident they see
viderunt they saw; they have seen
videt he, she, it sees
vidit he, she, it saw; has seen
vita f. -ae life
voco vocare call; summon
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