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WKCE Reading

Reading Power words WKCE

passage a short piece of writing that is part of a larger piece; a portion or section of a written work; a paragraph, verse, etc
mainly usually, or to a large degree; chiefly; principally; for the most part; to the greatest extent
information news, facts, or knowledge gained through study
most likely very probably
events anything that happens, especially something important or unusual:
describe to say or write what someone or something is like; to tell or depict in written or spoken words
belongs to be in the right place or a suitable place: to be a member of a group
probably used to mean that something is very likely:
explain to make something clear or easy to understand by describing or giving information about it:
details a particular fact or item of information, often noticed only after giving something your close attention, or such facts or items considered as a group:
examples something that is typical of the group of things that it is a member of:
support your something that shows that a fact is true:
answer something said or written in reaction to a question or statement:
best describes being the most suitable or effective to say or write what someone or something is like:
mostly in large degree or amount; almost entirely; chiefly
carefully with great attention, especially to detail or safety:
narrator a person who tells a story, or a person who speaks during a film or television program not as an actor but to describe or discuss the pictures being shown:
replace to take the place of something or put in the place of something or someone else:
refers to talk or write about someone or something, especially in only a few words:
purpose an intention or aim; a reason for doing something or for allowing something to happen:
opinion the ideas that a person or a group of people have about something or someone, which are based mainly on their feelings and beliefs, or a single idea of this type:
according to as stated by; on the authority of
mistake an action or decision that is wrong or produces a result that is not correct or not intended:
author a writer of a book, article, etc., or a person whose main job is writing books:
organized able to plan things carefully and keep things neat:
mostimportant necessary or of great value; having great effect or influence:
thesaurus entry single written item in a book or electronic text that helps you find words with similar meanings especially by listing them together
dictionary entry single written item in a book that lists words with their meanings given in the same or in another language, and often includes other information
relationship the way in which two or more things are connected:
heading a word or words put at the top of a page or section of text as a title: H
problem something that causes difficulty or that is hard to deal with:
diagram a simple plan drawn to represent something, such as a machine, usually to explain how it works or how it is put together:
thoroughly support to give encouragement and approval completely to someone or something because you want the person or thing to succeed:
author's purpose an intention or aim of a person who begins or creates something
capture to interest someone; o gain control of or exert influence over
expression a word or group of words having a particular meaning or used in a particular way:
nonfiction the type of book or other writing that deals with facts about real people or events, not imaginary stories
represent to show or describe something or someone:
article a piece of writing on a particular subject in a newspaper or magazine:
resembles to be similar to someone or something:
contribute to be an important factor in; help to cause; to give time, knowledge, assistance
decide to choose between one possibility or another:
implies to communicate an idea or feeling without saying it directly:
affects to have an influence on someone or something:
trusted deserving of trust; able to be depended on :
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