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Science Unit 3

Evidence and Investigation

arch \ˈärch\ a wave or “hill” in the ridge pattern of a fingerprint; an arch pattern has no details
composite \käm-ˈpä-zət\ a combination of patterns in the ridges of a fingerprint
delta \ˈdel-tə\ a triangle shape in the ridge pattern of a fingerprint
depth \ˈdepth\ how deep the pattern from a tire presses into the ground
design \di-ˈzīn\ the pattern of the tread on a tire
dye \ˈdī\ colour used to change the look of material
evidence \ˈe-və-dən(t)s\ facts or signs that prove or support an idea
examination \ig-ˌza-mə-ˈnā-shən\ to look closely at something to find out about its credentials
fingerprint \ˈfiŋ-gər -ˌprint\ a mark made by the oil on a person’s finger that shows the pattern of ridges
footprint \ˈfu̇t -print\ the mark left by someone’s foot or shoe when walking
forge \ˈfȯrj\ to copy something like handwriting (usually illegal)
investigation \in-ˈves-tə-ˌgāt-shən\ a careful study of something to find out the facts about it
lifted \ˈlift ˈed\ found and taken off a surface for examination
loop \ˈlüp\ a fingerprint ridge pattern where the lines come in from one side, make a balloon and leave out the same side
ridges \ˈrij ˈes\ the bumpy lines on the pads of a person’s fingers
shape \ˈshāp\ the outline of the mark made by something, e.g. a fire
spacing \ˈspās iŋ\ the distance between the parts of a pattern , e.g., on a tire
tracks \ˈtrak ˈes\ a set of prints left by something walking or moving
tread pattern \ˈtred pa-tərn\ the bumpy marks (raised pattern) on the surface of a tire that helps it to grip the road
whorl \wȯr(-ə)l\ a spiral that goes round and round in the ridge pattern of a fingerprint
Created by: stanne