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LWT 210

Unit 3: Ways of Knowing about Nutrition

If something is being sold; that is part of identifying nutrition misinformation. True
If a product/service offers a new remedy for problems that are not easily solved is a red flag for identifying nutrition misinformation True
Terms such as; miraculous, magical, secret, detoxify, energy restoring, suppressed by organized medicine, immune boosting or studies proved are all examples of word phrases that are red flags to identifying nutrition misinformation True
Testimonials, before and after photos and expert endorsements are used to identify nutrition misinformation. True
If a money back guarantee is offered for a product; it is a red flag to identifying nutrition misinformation. True
Where can you find reliable sources of nutrition information? Non-profit, professional health organizations; scientific organizations; government publications on diet and health or nutrition; registered dieticians; nutrition text books
What is an epidemiological study? To identify conditions that are related to specific health events in humans
What is a clinical trial? To test effects of a treatment or intervention on a specific biological event or other measurable outcome.
What is a double-blind study? A study in which neither the subjects participating in the research nor the scientists performing the research know which subjects are receiving the treatment and which are getting the placebo.
What is a meta-analysis? An analysis of data from multiple studies where the results are based on larger samples than individual studies and are therefore more reliable.
Where should a person go to report nutritional misinformation? FTC
What is the FTC? Federal Trade Commission
What is included on the Nutrition Facts Panel? Caloric Value, nutrient content, ingredients, fat, saturated fat, trans. fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron.
What is a registered dietician? An individual who has acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to pass a national registration examination and participates in continuing professional education.
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