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Science 3BDK

Grade 3 science

What are the Four(4) parts of a plant? Flower stem leaf root
What do plants need to live? Air soil water sunlight
How do plants make food? Photosynthesis
What do plants grow from? Seeds
Where do plants grow? Everywhere
What are reptiles bodies covered with? Scales
What do reptiles use to smell? Tongue
Where do fungi live? Damp Areas
What type of medicine does fungus produce? Penicillin
What other things are fungus used to make? Bread and blue cheese
What are birds covered with? Feathers
why do birds have different shaped beeks? Different types of food
Why do birda have different shaped feet? for walking and catcing food
why do birds make so many sounds? Most of the sounds are a warning sign to other birds.
When birds fly away for the winter it is called " " Migration
How many birds Migrate from Europe to Africa every year? 5000 million
how many planets in the solar system? Eight
what planet do we live on? Earth
what is the largest planet in the solar system? Jupiter
how many ebdangered animals are there? over 100
which contienant has the most endangered animals? North America
what is the smallest planet in the solar system? Mercury
what is the hottest planet in the solar system? Venus
which planet has the most moons in the solar system? Jupiter
what is the biggest ocean in the world? Pacific Ocean
Created by: brockmacdonald