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Endocrine disorders

intervetion and treatment

What is Acromegaly? over production of the GH do to tumor in the pituitary gland in adults. "idiopathic
what are the s/s of Acromegaly? enlargement of the cranium, lower jaw, Bulging forehead, bulbous nose, think lips enlarge tongue, heart, liver, hand and feet deep voice.
A nurse is assessing a patient that is newly diagnosis with Acromegaly. What would she found? headache, painful stiff joints, amenorrhea or impotent fair hair in women, muscle weakness.
what vitals that may indicate a complication of heart failure in Acromegaly? dyspnea, tachycardia, weak pulse low BP
because of the pressure of the tumor near the optic nerve in Acromegaly what is be a end result? partial or complete blindness and severe headache
what labs help to Diagnosis Acromegaly? GH and plasma insulin-like growth factor-1 test
what is the common treatment for Acromegaly? suppress GH with somatostain, parlodel, Cryosurgery, remove only tumor, proton beam therapy
Because of structure are enlarged in the face; What would is the ideal diet for a patient with Acromegaly? Soft, easy-to-chew diet
what nursing intervention can help with muscle atrophy in Acromeglay? ROM of the effected areas including the face.
Gigantism over production of GH caused by hyperplasia (tumor) in the pituitary gland in children.
when does Gigantism occurs? before the epiphyses closes
what are the S/S of Gigantism ? great height, increase visceral,muslce and weight,weakness
what is the medical treatment for Gigantism ? removal of the tumor and radiation with subsequent replacement of pituitary hormones.
what are the complication post-op in child with gigantism? High BP, heart failure, osteoporosis and delayed sexual development.
which sex group would have more emotional problems in Gigantism? Girl
What is Dwarfism ? condition caused by a deficiency of the GH (idiopathic or autosomal recessive.
What are the s/s of Dwarfism ? abnormally short height, normal body proportion, look younger in age, has dental problem d/t undeveloped jaw, delayed sexual development.
Can patient who have Dwarfism have children? Yes as long as there so no problem with gonadotropins hormones.
what is the treatment for Dwarfism? GH replacement and if tumor remove.
what should you teach parents about there child having Dwarfism? they are not to blame
what are complication of Dwarfism ? musculoskeletal and cardiovascular problems
what is Diabetes Insipidus ? It is a transient or permanent metabolic disorder of the posterior pituitary which ADH is very low.
what result in the decrease ADH in Diabetes Insipidus? electrolyte and fluid imbalance wit is caused by plasma osmolality increase urine output.
What are the S/S of diabetes Isipidus ? low gravity level of 1.001 to 1.005, 2ml/hr. of urine, polyuria, polydipsia
Because of the increase fluid loss in diabetes Isipidus; What can be a severe side effect of the disease? lethargic, dry skin, poor turgor, constipation resulting dehydraton.
What is the treatment for Diabetes Isipidus? demopressin(DDAVP),vasopressin,(IM) ADh preparation
what should patient wit Diabetes Isipidus avoid? caffeine
What is s/s of Diabetes Isipidus? ployuria, polydipsia,
What is a severe side effect of increase ADH related to diabetes Isipidus? dehydration, lethagic, dry skin, poor turgor, constipation,hypovolumic
what can the nurse teach patient not do the have diabetes Isispidus? Do not decrease fluid intake to reduce urine
what are the s/s/ of hypovolumic shock ? changes in consciousness,tachycardia,tacypnea, hypotension.
what would you assess for as the nurse in diabetes Insipidus ? severe thirst,embarrassed drinking, slong withother s/s. I&O
what labs or diagnostic test would indicate Diabetes Isipidus? urine gravity drop below 1.003 turkisk saddle shapeed depression sphenoid bone
what is SIADH? when the pituitary releases too much ADH
what can result form having SIADH? hyponatremia ,hemodilution, and fluid overload with out edema>
what causes SIADH? stress on the body like surgery, medications, diseases.
what is the common age group the has SIADH? elderly
what should the nurse look for in patient with EIADH? sodium level lower than 124/mEq/L s/s of hyponatremia (weakness, muscle cramps, anorexia nausea and vomiting. diarrhea weight gain
what is the treatment for SIADH? fluid restrictionof 800 to 1000ml/day, hypertonic solution 3% to 5% , low sodium diet, clocycline and Lasix 40 to 80mg/day or 20 to 40 IM .surgical resection,radition, chemo of cancer.
when should medication be give for treatment of SIADH ? 30 minutes before meals whit antimetic
what should SIADH patient's avoid ? salty foods
what is Graves Disease? hperthyroidism or over production of T# an T4 hormones. autoimmmun
when is the most common time for a person to have Gaves Disease? women 20 to 40 year, pregnancy
what are the s/s of Graves Disease? bulging eyes(exophalmos) edema at the anterior part of the neck, momery loss, dysphagia, large appetite, weight loss, nervousness, hand tremors insomnia,tachycardia,high BP , warm or flush skin, fine hair,amenorrhea,high temp,sweat
Created by: crychicken
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