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Latin Roots/Phrases

Latin Roots and Phrases test 10/10

ad hoc "for this thing"-a temporary thing set up for a particular purpose
ad infinitum "to infinity"-an idea or thing that can be extended forever
agenda things to be done/discussed (treat as collective)
alias "somewhere/sometimes"-a false identity, another identity
alibi "in another place"-proof of not being the the location of a crime (leg.)
mea culpa "my fault"- a confession of error/blame
quad erat demonstrandom "that which has been demonstrated"-placed at the end of a statement or proof
habeas corpus "produce the body"- to explain what a person is charged with (leg.)
carpe dium "sieze the day"- a common phrase (YOLO)
astr star
auto self
bio life
crom color
antrop man
bibli book
chron time
cosm universe
crypt secret
cycl wheel
dem people
derm skin
dyn energy, power, force
gen race
geo earth
gram letters
Created by: dodoclutz