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壊れる(こわれる) be broken, break (intrans.)
錆びる(さびる) get rusty, rust
濡れる(ぬれる) get wet
澄む(すむ) become clear, clear
濁る(にごる) get muddy, turbid, get cloudy
含む(ふくむ) contain, hold
似る(にる) resemble, look like somebody, be similar to somebody
着衣(ちゃくい) act of putting on clothes; one's clothes
被る(かぶる) put on (head); be covered with (dust, snow, etc.); assume responsibility/burden
掛ける(かける) hang; put on (glasses)
着る(きる) wear (torso)
履く(はく) wear (waist down)
嵌める(はめる) put on (gloves, rings, etc.)
または or
卒業する(そつぎょう) graduate from, complete a course, leave school
先(さき) point, tip, end
鉛筆(えんぴつ) pencil
美しい(うつくしい) beautiful, lovely, fine, handsome
髪(かみ) hair (on one's head)
乾かす(かわかす) dry
見かける happen to see, find
眼鏡(めがね) glasses
動詞(どうし) verb
Created by: Venomsbane88