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26-30th chapers of NOUNS!!!!!!! from the liber of mr. wheelock

cena cenae, f, dinner
forum fori, n, forum/marketplace
lex legis, f, law/statute
limen liminis, n, threshold
lux lucis, f, light
mensa mensae, f, table/dining/dish/course
nox noctis, f, night
somnus somni, m, sleep
delectatio delectationis, f, delight/pleasure/enjoyment
nepos nepotis, m, grandson/descendant
sol solis, m, sun
superi superorum, m-pl, the gods
arma armorum, n-pl, arms/weapons
cursus cursus, m, running/race/course
luna lunae, f, moon
occasio occasionis, f, occasion/opportunity
parens parentis, m/f, parent
stella stellae, f, star/planet
vesper vesperis/vesperi, m, evening/evening star
princeps principis, m/f, leader/emperor
fatum fati, n, fate/death
ingenium ingenii, n, nature/innate talent
moenia moenium, n-pl, walls of a city
nata natae, f, daughter
osculum osculi, n, kiss
sidus sideris, n, constellation/star
honor honoris, m, honor/esteem/public office
Created by: kalebs