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性格(せいかく) character, personality, disposition, nature
明るい(あかるい) cheerful; bright; colorful
暗い(くらい) gloomy; dark; dull
陽気な(ようき) cheerfulness, liveliness, gaiety
陰気(いんき) gloom, dismalness
積極的(せっきょくてき) positive, assertive
消極的(しょうきょくてき) negative, passive
温かい(あたたかい) warm, friendly, genial
冷たい(すめたい) chilly, cold-hearted, unfeeling
まじめ(まじめ) hard-working, serious, diligent, earnest
不真面目(ふまじめ) frivolous, insincere
慎重(しんちょう) careful, cautious, deliberate
軽率(けいそつ) careless, thoughtless
気が強い(きがつよい) strong-willed
気が弱い(きがよわい) cowardly, timid, faint-hearted
短気(たんき) quick temper, hot-headedness, impatience
暢気(のんき) easy, optimistic, carefree
正直(しょうじき) honest, straightforward
嘘つき(うそつき) liar
几帳面(きちょうめん) precise, orderly
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