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変える(かえる) change, alter
形(かたち) form, shape, figure
登頂する(とうちょう) reach the summit of, get to the top of
登山家(とざんか) mountaineer
失敗する(しっぱい) fail, blunder
曖昧(あいまい) vague, ambiguous, obscure, indistinct, "fuzzy"
真意(しんい) real intention, true meaning, true motive
乗り越える(のりこえる) surmount, overcome, get over
勇気(ゆうき) bravery, courage, nerve, boldness
相手(あいて) companion, partner, other party; opponent, rival
話し中(はなしちゅう) busy (phone)
軽い(かるい) light; minor, trivial; slight; simple
名刺(めいし) noun
状態(じょうたい) condition, state, current status
表す(あらわす) express, represent, indicate; reveal
優劣(ゆうれつ) superiority or inferiority, (relative) merits
劣る(おとる) be inferior to
尖る(とがる) get pointed, become sharp (adj. pointed, sharp, peaked)
そびえる rise, tower, soar
曲がる(まがる) bend, curve, wind, twist, warp
修飾する(しゅうしょく) modify
性質(せいしつ) character, property, quality
汚れる(よごれる) get dirty, become sullied
Created by: Venomsbane88