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HDF exam 2

why is Piaget's theory considered a "constructivist" theory his theory involves the child creating their own knowledge.
According to this theory, what drives the development of the child? Adaptation
Which metatheory would this theory fall under? Organismic
What type of theory would this be considered? Why? Developmental systems because the child is learning through their own experience and is thus creating their own development.
What are the 6 sub stages of the sensorimotor period? 1. Reflex Activity 2. Primary Circular Reactions 3. Secondary Circular Reactions 4. Coordination of Secondary Schemes 5. Tertiary Circular Reactions 6. Beginning of Thought
What are the primary accomplishments of the sensorimotor period? Development of exercise and refinement of inborn reflexes, first recognition of objects, beginning of object permanence, and begins thought
What are the limitations of the sensorimotor period? lacking coherent network to place thoughts, fragmented thinking, and not being able to take the viewpoint of someone else
According to this theory, when does thought begin and how do we know this development has occurred? Thought begins in sub stage 6, and we know this development has occurred because the child is able to respond to signs and has novelty.
What are the primary accomplishments of the preoperational stage? cognitively having symbols, thinking, and early language
What are the limitations of the preoperational stage? having thought that is limited, not being able to reflect one's thinking, lacking a system of thought, and not being able to take the viewpoint of someone else
Describe the three mountain task and explain what it measures The three mountain task was designed to test whether children were egocentric by presenting three different mountains in front of the child and telling them to indicate which mountain the doll sees. An egocentric child says the doll sees what they see.
What is theory of mind and when does it develop? The theory of mind is the ability to put yourself in someone else's perspective, and it develops around the age of five years old.
What are the primary accomplishments of the concrete operational stage? more flexible thought, decrease in egocentrism, and appreciates differences between appearance and reality
What are the limitations of the concrete operational stage? cannot think logically about logical thinking, cannot deal systematically with hypothetical problems, and cannot do experiments where you keep all things constant except one variable
What are the primary accomplishments of the formal operational stage? freedom to think about what is rational and irrational, new level of moral reasoning, and planning and decision making
What are 2 negative impacts of the formal operational stage? development of a new form of egocentrism and having an inflated sense of self importance
Does everyone reach the formal operational stage? According to Piaget, everyone reaches the formal operational stage, but only on problems that are either interesting or important.
What are the basic elements of the information processing theory? 1. Sensation vs. Perception, 2. Attention, 3. Working Memory, 4. Long-term Memory, and 5. Central Control
What is metacognition and at which of Piaget's stages does this develop? Metacognition is the ability to think about thinking, and develops in the preoperational stage.
What is the difference between explicit memory and implicit memory? Explicit memory can be recalled intentionally, while implicit memory is recalled unconsciously
What are the three types of learning strategies? At which step in the information processing approach do these memory strategies play a role? Rehearsal, Organization, and Elaboration; addition of information to long-term memory
What is intelligence? the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills
What were intelligence tests designed to predict? performance in school
What is the Flynn effect? the increase in both fluid and crystallized intelligence test scores all over the world
What is crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence? knowledge gained through learning and culture; the ability to reason and think abstractly
Describe the Sternberg theory theory of intelligence is called the Triarchiac Theory which describes intelligence as being how well an individual deals with environmental changes throughout their lifespan. His theory comprises three parts: composional, experimental, and practical
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