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First 9 Weeks Review

ATMOSPHERE layer of air around the earth
NITROGEN 78% of the air
OXYGEN 21% of the air
O 3 Ozone
OZONE In stratosphere to protect us from ultra violet radiation
TROPOSPHERE layer with changing condition, lowest layer to earth
STRATOSPHERE layer with ozone
IONOSHPERE layer with radio waves
EXOSHPERE layer next to space-out
THERMOSPHERE heated layer of the atmosphere
ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE the pressure air makes on the earth
SUN source of our heat
93 million The sun is ____ ______ miles from earth.
ULTRA VIOLET RADIATION harmful rays from the sun
CFCs harmful chemicals that eat up the ozone layer
HEAT flows from an object with a higher temperature to an object with lower temperature
RADIATION energy in the form of rays
CONDUCTION energy transfer by touch
HYDROSPHERE water cycle
WIND caused by unequal heating of earth's atmosphere
CONDENSATION "sweat" on a glass
CORIOLIS EFFECT Winds turn right North of the equator. Winds turn left South of the equator.
JET STREAM located at top of troposphere. When fling east planes save time and fuel.
SEA BREEZE aire moves from the water/to the land
LAND BREEZE air moves from the land to the sea
Created by: mgrant