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First 9 Weeks Review

Renewable a resource that is replaced by nature. (Solar, wind, water)
Nonrenewable a natural resource that is used up more quickly than it can be replaced in nature. (Fossil fuels: coal, oil, & natural gas)
Hydroelectric uses falling water to generate electricity. (Renewable) We could possibly use it up faster than it is replaced in the water cycle.
Wind is used to turn the blades of a turbine. (Renewable)
Geothermal energy uses heat from the earth to produce steam to produce electricity. (Renewable)
Solar use energy from the Sun to produce electricity. (Renewable)
Nuclear Energy uses the splitting of atom of uranium to release energy to produce electricity. (NONrenewable)
Greenhouse effect the heat trapping feature of the atmosphere. It keeps the earth the correct temperature for life on earth.
Carbon dioxide is one of the MOST IMPORTANT greenhouse gases. It is a normal part of the atmosphere and keeps the earth from becoming too cool for life on earth.
Carbon Dioxide People need to reduce the amount of ______ ________ being released.
fossil fuel People need to cut down on ______ ______ use.
trees People need to STOP cutting down so many _______.
recycle We need to _______.
alternative ways We need to use more __________ _____ to generate electricity.
Global warming As we burn down fossil fuels and cut down trees too much Carbon Dioxide is in the atmosphere and the earth is becoming to hot.
Effects of Global Warming on earth Temperatures will increase which will change rain patterns. The polar ice caps would melt causing floods. The rate of plant growth and types of plant could change. Our food supply could be effected.
Created by: mgrant