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Define the nursing process a systematic, rational method of planning and providing nursing care orderly, logical approach to providing nursing care and ensuring that patient needs are met
Assessment collect, organize, validate and document patient data
Diagnosing analyze and synthesize data
Planning determine how to prevent, reduce and resolve client problems
Implementing perform planned nursing interventions, reassessment of the patient and documentation
Evaluation measure the degree to which goals have been achieved
Observing to gather data using your five senses
Interviewing planned communication or conversation with aa purpose
Directive interview Structure and obtains specific information
Nondirective interview/ Rapport builds a relationship and understanding between the patient and nurse
Stages of and interview opening- establish rapport with the patient and orientation body- client responds to the nurse's questions closing- ending or interview is terminated
Examining a systemic process of gathering data through using observattion to detect health problems
Was you can examine inspection auscultation palpation percussion
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