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NUR 100 Exam II

Assessment, protective, environment, safety

what are the two types of immunity Adaptive and Innate
Adaptive can be natural or artificial
Active immunization means infection or vaccines
Passive immunization means mom to baby, short term
Innate immune response is divided into 2 pieces stage one and stage two
stage one of innate immune response is vascular response
stage two of innate immune respose is cellular response
vascular response includes quick constriction-then vasodilation, drainage production, redness, swelling, trapping bacteria
cellular response inclcudes fluid leaking-wbc's (Pavementing)-moving to injury-phagocytosis---Bacteria BUFFET!!
healing includes which processes debriedment, reconstruction, resolution
Innate Immune Response is the _______ line of defense first
Serous Clear, mostly plasma
Sanguineous Red, Bloody, mostly RBC's
Seroussanguineous red and clear mixed
Purulent white, yellow, grey, green, odor, indicative of infection
How does the vascular response stop the spread of bacteria? it traps them in fibrin threads
phagocytosis means eating of one cell by another
Adaptive Immune Response happens after.... exposure to an antigen
Adaptive Immune Response is very.... specific
when a body is able to fight off invaders immunocompetent
when a body cannot fight off invaders immunocompromized
The two types of adaptive immune response are: Antibody and Cell mediated
Created by: rkardell