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The Watch Lieutenant is responsible for the training and supervision of personnel under his command.
The Watch Lieutenant is responsible for ensuring is adequate staffing of his watch within the established guidelines.
The Watch Lieutenant will Ensure all attendance related documentation is reported accurately
the watch Lieutenant is responsible for documenting attendance as required in the Employee Information System (EIS), including but not limited to: a. Daily Roll Call Worksheet, b. Daily Attendance Reports, and c. Leave Request.
who reviews and approve the midnight count. Watch Lieutenant
Ensure emergency drills are conducted as scheduled and review the Emergency Drill Response Record (P-157).
Conduct periodic meetings with supervisors under his command to ensure consistency and resolve discrepancies at the supervisor's level;
Ensure that the appropriate_____________in cases of emergency or unusual occurrence; notifications are made
Be aware of the location of the information package including area maps and building plans that show cell layouts, electrical diagrams, and water systems to be used in the event of an emergency;
The Watch Lieutenant is responsible for notifying the issuer of the subpoena in the event that an officer does not receive the subpoena
In the event of an inmate death, the Watch Lieutenant is responsible for the collection of all related documents to include the Incident and/or Response to Resistance Report (P-288), medical records, inmate property and the institutional file of the inmate.
The Jails Division Processing Lieutenants are directly responsible to the Jails Division Processing Operations Captain for the performance of their duties.
The Jails Division Processing and/or Custody Lieutenant will Authorize guard placement, guard removal and police holds on all Department of Corrections inmates sent to medical treatment facilities
Ensure that a supervisor responds to all Jails Division vehicle crashes and/or vehicle breakdowns in the absence of the Alcohol/Drug Testing and Transportation Sergeant
Immediately notify _______________when any Jacksonville Sheriff's Office employee is arrested the Internal Affairs Unit
when any Jacksonville Sheriff's Office employee is arrested the watch lieutenant will forward copies of the Arrest and Booking Report (P-002) to the chain of command and one to the Internal Affairs Unit;
If the arrest occurs after regular business hours, on a weekend, or holiday, the notification will be made to the on call Internal Affairs Detective through the communications watch supervisor.
If the Central Records Section verifies that the wrong person has been arrested on a capias or warrant, the Processing and/or _______________ has the authority to have the inmate released. Custody Lieutenant
Submit a quarterly personnel status report to the Custody Captain on or before the tenth of each month when the quarter ends; and The Watch Lieutenant
The CTC Watch Lieutenant is directly responsible to the Prisons Division_________for the performance of his duties. he Prisons Division-CTC Assistant Division Chief
The Watch Lieutenant will Ensure cash allowances provided by the account clerk are distributed to listed inmates;
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