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Science Test 1

Observing Using one or more of your 5 senses to get info.
Classifying Grouping items according to their similarities.
Organizing Putting the things in order
Measuring Using units of measure to determine the dimensions or quantity of something.
Modeling Using a replica of what you're trying to study or explain.
Analyzing Studying info carefully while looking for trends and patterns.
Simulation A kind of model that shows a process
Predicting Stating ahead of time what you think will happen based on what you already know.
Inferring Forming a conclusion based on an observation.
Hypothesizing Suggested solution to a problem
What are the old style units of measure? span, digit, palm, cubit, fathom, pace and foot.
What is length measured with? Meter, centimeter, millimeter and kilometer. METRIC
What is mass/weight measured with? Gram, milligram and kilogram. METRIC
What is capacity measured in? Liter, milliliter and kiloliter METRIC
Mass of an eraser? Gram METRIC
Capacity of a bottle of nail polish? Milliliter METRIC
Length of the school hallway? Meter METRIC
Inch paperclip CUSTUMARY
Foot elbow to knuckle CUSTUMARY
Yard The width of the door CUSTUMARY
Mile 17.5 football fields CUSTUMARY
Pound Football CUSTUMARY
Ounce weight of 5 U.S quarters CUSTUMARY
Ton 12 normal size adults
1 cup 8 fl oz
1 pint 2 cups
1 quart 2 pints
1 gallon 4 quarts
Large Scale ant
Small scale planet
Independent Variable the part of the experiment that was changed on purpose the cause
dependent variable the outcome caused by the part that was changed
control variables things that are kept the same in an experiment there should be many
variables experimental group: the group of the experiment being tested/ control group: a group separated from the rest of the experiment
Tails title axis intervals labels spacing